Terms & Conditions
30 Day FREE Trial

Must be a resident in Plymouth for a minimum of 12 months.

Must be in full time payed employment or, in full time education.

Must agree to the rules & regulation of the Academy.

Must have parent/guardian consent if under the age of 18.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee
The 60 day money back guarantee is open to adult 18 years and above only.

Applicants are entitled to an 18 class money back guarantee (usually around 60 days).

If you feel that you have not seen any improvement in your martial arts ability after 18 classes, Master St James Black Belt Academy will refund your money and terminate membership free of charge.

There are three conditions:

Only members over 18 years old enrolled in an ADULT PROGRAMME are entitled to the guarantee.

Applicants must attend the eighteen classes in a row and only from one selected programme.

Applicants must notify their intent to exercise the money back guarantee no later than one week (7 days) after the completion of their eighteenth class – missing one class or failure to notify Master St’James Black Belt Academy within a week (7 days) after the eighteenth class will void the guarantee.

There are no exceptions, regardless of the reason for missing class or not being able to notify Master St’James Black Belt Academy within the week (7 day) period. With regards to exercising the guarantee and notifying Master St’James Black Belt Academy, it is required that you (the buyer) send your cancellation notice by recorded mail or hand deliver your cancellation and get a signed statement from an official at the Academy, acknowledging the receipt of your notice. The 18 class countdown begins on your first scheduled class and attendance is determined by your log in which is electronically recorded through our student attendance system – it is YOUR responsibility to log-in every time you attend a scheduled class.