Front Kick Catches and Follow Ups Video

Front Kick Catches and Follow Ups

Part of this month’s Elite Muay Thai curriculum is kick catches and follow ups. The classes will cover catches against the Front Kick, Round Kick, and Side Kicks.

Here is a video showing 6 Front Kick catches and follow ups, some of which will be covered in our Elite Kickboxing classes;

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Ten Top Tips for Health & Fitness Success in 2014

Round this time of the year I get a ton of people asking my advice about the best ways to get in shape, or lose a few to reach fitness goals 300x207 Ten Top Tips for Health & Fitness Success in 2014

I can almost guarantee if you’ve made any New Years resolutions at least one of them is health and fitness related. I know one of mine is.

And because so many folks ask so many questions about “easy options”, I thought I’d give you Ten Top Tips for Health and Fitness Success in 2014;

1) Stop believing in magic pills or diets that don’t require any work.

2) Eat a high-protein, high-fiber diet with lots of fruits & vegetables, healthy fats, eggs, and healthy meats, and cut all added sugar from your diet.

3) Work your butt off with every time you train. (Good news … we’ve got an amazing offer only available for January)

4) Drink 3 liters (12 cups) of water per day.

5) Avoid liquid calories with the exception of 1-2 protein shakes per day. Drink Green Tea or Greens drinks instead. Try to avoid diet sodas — I don’t know if they are ‘bad’ for you, but they likely don’t make you healthier.

6) Avoid processed foods. I always say “if doesn’t grow on land, fly in the sky, or live in the sea don’t eat it”

7) Get social support and accountability.

8 ) Plan, shop, and prepare your food for the week ahead every weekend.

9) Make a SMART goal, and give yourself an incentive to reach it.

10) Have gratitude for everything in your life – and be awesome (aka – keep being your great self!)

Those are the 10 Simple Rules to help you get amazing results for life.

However, be warned, you may not achieve your fitness goals in a month, maybe not even in six but you can definitely achieve. It will just take hard work, constancy, and support.

That’s where we can help. I’m confident we can help you achieve your goals whether in fitness, health, or anything else and I have an amazing offer for you. Until the end of January you can get;

  • 3 months training
  • Uniform
  • Equipment Pack
  •  Years Membership
  • Yeas Insurance

All for only £150. That’s saving over £100. I guarantee you won’t find a better deal in Plymouth.

All you need to do is call us on 01752 262233 to get started.

When you come in we’ll sit down and find out what you are trying to achieve. Then we’ll come up with a programme that will get you there, and help you achieve it.

Happy New Year!

Diets Dont Work? | Kickboxing Plymouth | 30 Days Free

I wanted to share this very interesting study I read earlier today. You can read it at

It concludes the macro nutrient make up (the ratio of carbohydrate, protein, & fat) of the diet has little impact on weight loss and risk of disease.117338870 diet 359716c Diets Dont Work? | Kickboxing Plymouth | 30 Days Free

The biggest factor affecting weight loss and risk of disease was the adherence to diet.

What that means is; the better a person met dietary and fitness goals, the greater the weight loss and lower the risk of disease. .

What you eat is important and it will affect your health, but according to this study anything more seems fairly irrelevant.

There are a few key points that most diets agree on. These are things I share with all our students who want to improve there diet;

- Don’t eat too much.
- Eat a wide variety of food (my Mum says you said you should try to eat a rainbow a day).
- Avoid processed foods.

I have long believed the best way to lose weight and keep it off is by making a sustainable lifestyle change.

This study seems to confirm that. It is also something I’ve see time and again with the students of our Academy.

The people that lose a significant amount of weight and keep it off make a lifestyle change.

It won’t happen over night and will take some work on your part, but the results will be worth it.

A great example of this is Joe who IMG 02051 300x200 Diets Dont Work? | Kickboxing Plymouth | 30 Days Freestarted training with us about a year ago. He was your typical dad of four kids. He was slightly over-weight, fairly unfit, and has a passing resemblance to George Clooney.

Since he started training with us he’s lost his middle-aged spread, dramatically improved his fitness, and told me earlier joining the Academy is the best decision he ever made.

How did he do this, you may ask?

Its simple really.

First, he started training in our Muay Thai Kickboxing programme.

This kicked off his lifestyle change. He enjoyed the sessions, wanted to do more, and realised to do this he needed to improve his diet.

Joe’s second step was to get some nutrition advice and a diet plan.

Once he combined his new diet, with his training he really started to see results. Consequently he wanted to see more.

Of course he’s had set backs, and that’s where the support from his trainers has kicked in and kept him on the path to a continued healthy lifestyle.

As you can see these are really simple steps anyone can do.

Honestly, I could’ve choose any number of examples from our Academy, but the key ingredients would remain the same.

1) Exercise
2) Diet
3) Continued support
4) Consistency

If you are ready to make a change and improve your lifestyle give us a call on 01752 262233 and we’ll be able to get you started.

Until the end of September we have a very special offer running. You can get;
- two months training,
- a years insurance,
- academy membership,
- a uniform, and
- equipment pack

All for only £99.00. That’s a saving of up to £200.

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Sugar: The Bitter Truth | Robert Lustig

On of the major reasons people begin training kickboxing at our Academy is for weight loss. Over the years we’ve helped many people achieve their weight loss goals.

Personally I believe this is for two reasons. The obvious reason people lose weight while training in our classes is that kick boxing, and martial arts in general, provide a great form of exercise.

Part Two

The second reason, maybe a little more obscure. Martial arts training encourages people to learn about health and wellness. They want to perform better in classes or competition so they start learn about what’s good and bad for them, how the body works, and are open to new ideas.

Today, I wanted to share with you a video of a lecture given by Dr Robert Lustig called Sugar: The Bitter Truth.

Lustig is an American pediatric endocrinologist and a Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). He is very vocal in his opinions on Fructose and the damage it is doing to our health and society.

The lecture runs for approximately an hour and a half, but Lustig is a very good speaker and their is a lot of excellent information in there.

If your health and that of your family is important to you I would definitely recommending watching the entire video.

If you’re looking at starting at our Kickboxing or Martial Arts in Plymouth give us a call on 01752 262233 or visit and take advantage of our 30 Day Free trial.

The Power of Leg Kicks | Friday Fights

Leg kicks are one of my favourite techniques. In today’s Friday Fight you will see the importance and power of leg kicks. They are something we regularly cover in our Muay Thai Kickboxing classes in Plymouth.
Whether you are interested in Muay Thai Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts or Self Defence training knowing how to effectively use and defend against leg kicks is an essential skill.
The fight is from Glory 5 that took place recently in London between Stephen Wakeling vs. Eddie Walker.  It shows the devastating effect leg kicks can have if used correctly and what will happen if you can’t defend against them.

You can see from this fight the power of leg kicks, and the importance of knowing how to defend against them.

There are several reasons leg kicks are one of my favourite techniques;

1) they’re safe – throwing a leg kick, if done correctly, does not open you up to being countered.
2) easy to disguise – because they are thrown on the low line, leg kicks can be difficult to see. They can also be easily disguised with other techniques.
3) simple to combine – Leg kicks can easily be used in combination with other techniques, and to start or finish combinations.
4) finish any fight – as you saw from the fight above they can easily finish any fight.
5) take the fight out of your opponent – if you’ve ever had a dead leg (or for my American friends a charlie horse) you know what I’m talking about. You stop thinking about any offensive attacks and focus only on defending your legs again.

There are a couple of basic ways to defend against leg kicks.

1) Covering (called a shin check)
2) Moving

Personally I much prefer to move than to check leg kicks. Checking kicks can be painful and if not performed correctly, as in the fight above, could still lead you to taking a lot of damaged.

If you move out the way of a leg kick you will take very little damage and can quickly counter.

The movement is fairly simple; if they throw a right kick move to your right. If they throw a left kick move left. Just make sure you keep your hands up.

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Back Kick Set-ups | Kickboxing Plymouth | 30 Days FREE

During last nights Advanced kickboxing class at our Plymouth Academy I taught several ways to set up a Back Kick or Jump Back Kick. Personally, I learned these through a member of different instructors, and through trial and error.

In this video one of my instructors, the legendary MMA coach Erik Paulson, shows several of the set ups I taught.

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Top 10 Workout Variations | Martial Arts Plymouth | 30 Days FREE

Variety is one of the most important aspects when it comes to consistent training. If you do the same workout out over and over again you will eventually get bored. In our Martial Arts classes in Plymouth we have a goal of always keeping our lessons exciting and varied, that way you will keep training longer, and reach your goals quicker.maximize your push up workout with these variations 2681 Top 10 Workout Variations | Martial Arts Plymouth | 30 Days FREE

Most people only think there are a couple of ways to perform an exercise, normally a for set number of reps or for a set time.

In this article I’ll  give 10 variations of workouts using three of the most common exercises; press ups, sit ups, and squat.

On the minute.
Perform 10 reps of each exercise on the minute for 20 minutes. The easiest way to do this is set a timer to beep every minute and signal you to start. This means if you finish the reps in 15 seconds you get 45 seconds rest.
By the end of this workout you’ll have performed 200 reps of each exercise.

AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)
Perform 10 reps of each exercise as many times as possible in 10 minutes. Record the number of rounds you perform so you can beat it the next time through.

Perform 10 of each exercise and repeat for 5 rounds. In total you’ll do 50 reps of each exercise. Try to go as fast as possible while maintaining good form. Record the total time it took you to complete the workout, and beat it next time.

Perform 1 of each exercise, then 2, 3, 4, etc up to 10 then work back down.
Only perform 10 once. By the end of this workout you’ll have done 100 reps of each exercise.
Record the total time it took you to complete the workout, and beat it next time.

Reverse Ladder
As above but start at 10 work to 1 then back to 10 reps. In total you’ll have down 109 reps of each exercise. Record the time for future reference and try and beat it next time round.

Perform 50 reps of each exercise before moving on to the next, then perform 40, 30, etc.
In total you’ll have down 150 reps of each exercise. Record the time for future reference and try and beat it next time round.

A Tabata is a very famous protocol developed by Izumi Tabata for Japanese speed skaters and can be very challenging as it gives you a negative work rest ratio.The workout is 20 seconds work followed by 10 seconds rest. You can vary the number of rounds you perform but stick to even numbers, e.g. 6 rounds is 3 minutes, 8 rounds is 4 minutes, etc. In preparation for the Europeans I was performing between 5 – 10, 10 minute rounds using different exercises with a two minute rest between rounds

Power Reps
Chose a light intensity exercise such as skipping or shadow boxing. Perform this for a set length of time such as 10 minutes, every 20-30 seconds perform 5 explosive reps of an exercise, then go straight back to the light intensity exercise.

Explosive Circuit
This is similar to an AMRAP except your goals is to perform every rep / exercise as explosively as possible. Take your time to perform the exercises and between exercise.

This one is really simple, but can be incredibly challenging. Perform 100 rep’s of one exercise before moving on to the next.

These are just a few ideas. When you combine this with different exercises, rep ranges, and round times, it will give you an almost unlimited number of workouts. You will only be limited by your creativity.

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Advanced Kicking Seminar | Kickboxing Plymouth | 30 Days Free

Andy Kick 1 199x300 Advanced Kicking Seminar | Kickboxing Plymouth | 30 Days FreeThis Saturday 18th May from 12.00 – 2.00pm Coach Andy will be teaching an advanced Kicking seminar at the Academy. If you are interested in developing fast, hard kicks then this seminar is for you.

Coach Andy is an amazing kicker. A third degree black belt in Taekwondo, he developed his skills while training with Olympic and World Champions in China.

If you’ve never seen Andy Kick, watch this video below to see what I mean;


It has taken Coach Andy many years to develop his skills. During that time he made a lot of mistakes, but has finally developed a system that that can improve your kicking almost overnight.Andy Kick 2 199x300 Advanced Kicking Seminar | Kickboxing Plymouth | 30 Days Free

In this seminar he is going to show you how to avoid the mistakes he made, and how to kick with lightening fast speed and devastating power.

If you are serious about learning Kickboxing, or Muay Thai you don’t want to miss out on this seminar.

Andy will be able to show you the little tricks that will make ordinary kicks unstoppable, and advanced kicks almost seem effortless.

The Advanced Kicking Seminar is taking place on Saturday 18th May 2013 from 12.00pm – 2.00pm and will only cost £20.00.

There are only 6 places left so please sign up at the Academy reception as soon as possible to secure your place.

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Essential Striking Series | 30 Days FREE Kickboxing in Plymouth

Over the past few month’s I’ve been working on a secret project called the Essential Striking Series that will revolutionize Kickboxing in Plymouth.

The Essential Striking Series is a FREE 5 part crash course that teaches all the basic techniques you need to start training Kickboxing at our Academy in Plymouth.

Check out the trailer that explains a little more about the course and what you will learn;

The course is broken down in to five easy follow along lessons that cover the basic techniques you’ll need to know to master Muay Thai Kickboxing.

Each lesson is delivered directly to you inbox. All you need to do is watch the video’s and then practice the techniques taught in them.

Of course this is not meant to replace professional Muay Thai Kickboxing instruction. Everyone that sign’s up for the course will also receive a 30 DAY FREE trial at our Plymouth Academy.

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