Childrens Classes

Parents, would you like your child to have unshakable confidence, solid self-esteem, better focus and self-control?
Our students learn to “zero in” on critical tasks at hand and develop the ability to stay on task. They develop the ability to maintain focus, and develop self-discipline and self-control. All these attributes combine to improve academic achievement and the ability to make smart choices in friends, behaviour, and other activities.

We offer three distinct programmes for children. All classes are taught in an exciting, fun and educational way and are age appropriate. We do not mix adults and children in the same class. Children are taught separately from adults as their needs and abilities are very different.

Lil’ Dragon Programme: 4 to 6 years
This Programme is designed for children aged 4 to 6 years old and focuses on developing core life skills in a fun, motivating and energised class. Additional life-skills such as stranger awareness and anti-bullying are attached to the programme. Little Dragons classes are held Monday through Friday.

Junior Programme: 6+ to 10 years
This is our martial arts programme for children aged 6 to 10 years. The programme focuses on developing core martial arts skills, in a fun, motivating and progressive way. In addition to learning martial arts skills children are taught basic self defence, life skills, and character education. Classes for beginners are held weekly Monday through Friday.

Cadet Programme: 10+ to 14 years
The cadet training programme caters for the slightly older child. Classes cover the same technical material as our Junior Programme but are taught in a more appropriate way for this slightly older age group. This programme is designed to prepare the older child for our Teen and Adult Programme once they reach the age of 14 years.